What shipping method do we use?

International ePacket (Japan Post)

With International epacket, You can track your package and get compensation up to 6000 yen, which is about 60 dollars.

You can track your packages here.

How much will it cost?

Skirts, Dresses, Tops, Pants, Bikinis : $9 for each item. From your second item, $7 for each item.


Shipping fees for 1 item=$9

Shipping fees for 2 items=$16

Shipping fees for 3 items=$23

Outers, Shoes, Bags: Around $30. It depends on how heavy they are so please check the shipping cost at the checkout. 

Small items such as pouches, accessories, stationary, phone cases, socks,panties: $5.5 for each item. They will be shipped by International ePacket Light. With this shipping method, your items will be delivered in your post and arrive in about 2 weeks at latest. They will have a tracking number.

*When you buy items from clothing categories and small items above together, please choose International ePacket because we cannot ship clothing by International ePacket Light.

How long will it take to ship?

Your items will be shipped whithin 1-10 Business Days after your purchase.

!! Business Days do not include weekends.

How long will it take to arrive?

For Asia: 3-9days
For USA,Canada,Australia: 6-8days
For Europe: 4-9days
For Middle Eastern: 6-12

For Souther America:6-7days
For Africa:7-8days 

It may take longer depending on the weather,the custom situation in your country or other issues our post office or your post office may have, so if you don’t receive your items as estimated, please contact your post office. There is not much we can do to help to find out the cause of the delay once items leave Japan.

When my package is sent back?

We cannot accept cancellations when your package is sent back to us because of your wrong shipping information or because you missed your delivery and the storage period at your post office expires,. When we receive your returned package, we will charge you the reshipping fee. The reshipping fee will be calculated according to the weight of your package +$3 (extra fees which we need to pay) . If you cannot follow this , we regret to say but we may ask you to refrain from using our service in the future.

However, if you can provide us any evidence that shows the return was caused by your post office’s mistake, we will review it so please let us know.