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Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for visiting MultiPal Store. I’m Mari, (@mari_krh on Instagram) owner of the store.

MultiPal Store is a clothing store for all the people who love the Japanese Kawaii fashion. We are based in Japan and ship worldwide. We sell both brand new items from our affiliates and second hand items which are authentic, of course, and in good quality. Also, we carry my handmade accessories and cosmetics.

It goes without saying, we never carry items which ignore copy rights. These days, we see some Kawaii themed stores which carry fake items which violate artists’ copy rights and we are very sad to see that. We hope to help change this unacceptable situation by doing the right thing, by selling only authentic items, which all the clothing stores are supposed to do.

The brands we deal with are LIZ LISA, Ank Rouge, dazzlin, E hyphen world gallery, OLIVE des OLIVE, Secret Honey, Swan Kiss, LODISPOTTO, Prime Pattern, Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, and more new brands will be stocked at the store soon.

Mikan (known as @mikan.mandarin on Instagram) is our official model/PR manager and we are planning to bring you our kawaii world so stay tuned!

Mari (Left) and Mikan (Right)

We are looking forward to sharing our kawaii, dainty and authentic world with you soon!

Thank you for reading.